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The Solvency and Liquidity Test

The solvency and liquidity test (“the test”) is a concept which was introduced into the Companies Act [2](“the Act”) and applies to distributions, share repurchases, financial assistance, mergers and acquisitions as well as cash payments in lieu of capitalisation shares. […]

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Zero-rated Transactions

Is your transfer zero-rated? If a transaction is not VAT exempt, it means that VAT is indeed payable, and the next question to ask is: “Is the transaction perhaps zero rated?” Zero rated means that VAT is payable on the […]

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The Transfer Process – Diagram

Ever wondered how the property transfer process works? Have a look at the document below for a quick and easy summary of this process. Feel free to contact us should you have any further questions

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Why bother with an ANC? After all, you and your future spouse are going to be together forever right?… or perhaps with all the wedding preparation, the ANC has not even crossed your mind. In South Africa the law provides […]

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